Data Center and Storage Solutions

Compute and virtualization

Implement efficient servers with virtualization and integrated solutions.

As the internet and your intranet have grown, the number of servers, network devices and energy required to keep business applications up and running has become cumbersome and costly—and largely unnecessary. At Cameo Global, we offer a building block infrastructure strategy with servers, virtualization, and hyperconverged products that can drastically reduce the hardware footprint that your business depends on—and the constant maintenance that hardware requires. Our virtualization and integrated solutions are designed to support every aspect of your business. Virtualization makes disaster recovery easier, optimizes business continuity and can even extend the life of your business-critical applications—resulting in short- and long-term benefits for your organization.


Equip your business with the storage solution you need.

Storage has always been a vital part of enterprise IT infrastructure. As big data and analytics have proven their value by offering meaningful insights into every aspect of your business, the need for reliable storage and the demand for rapid access have only grown. At Cameo Global Integration, we have the strategic partnerships and expertise to construct dependable storage solutions for businesses of any size in any industry


Strengthen your data protection, streamline your backup and recovery process and exceed your service level targets.

We understand better than anyone else how vital it is that your information is protected at all times and more importantly that you have the ability to rapidly recover key services and information when required. An effective backup solution is crucial to ensure data loss is minimised in the event that data is deleted or corrupted.  Cameo Global knows how to ensure your backups safeguard your critical data and meet business requirements in terms of recovery point and recovery time objectives. 

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