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Do you want to add more value from your IT infrastructure? Hire a reliable IT specialist. A needle in a haystack, you say? No worries, Cameo IT Staffing Services will present them to you and your wishes.

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Because IT staffing is not your job

The right person in the right place? That’s always a challenge, and it’s especially difficult for your IT department:

  • You quickly need a IT-specialist because you want your company to function as well as possible.
  • You’re looking for a specific technical competency and need someone to support you in your search.
  • You’ve found the classic recruitment channels don’t meet your needs.

Why choose Cameo IT Staffing Services?

Cameo IT-experts are educated, certified, qualified and have a broad understanding of IT technology, that why you choose for our IT staffing services:

  • Because we have 20 years of experience in IT staffing.
  • Because we have a network of more than 2000 qualified and reliable IT experts.
  • Because we pay attention to soft skills, ensuring your new expert has a profile that fits in with your company culture.

Your IT specialist delivered and ready to go

Cameo Global Inc. has a strong reputation as a builder of reliable, flexible and high-performance IT infrastructure environments. You can turn to Cameo Staffing Service for the after-service care.

  • With our help, you determine the profile and the competences that you need.
  • Cameo Staffing Service searches its extensive network for specialists with those specific competences.
  • You make your choice and benefit from the extra expertise for as long as you need it.
  • You keep your fixed costs under control.

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