Cameo Global and Cisco Improve the Omni-channel Experience for Customers

PLEASANTON, CA – June 17, 2015 – Consumers today expect retailers to provide a consistent experience across all of their operating channels, including their mobile devices.  This “omni-channel” approach – where a customer can shop across channels the way they want – is quickly becoming an important differentiator between businesses.

However, the omni-channel experience is not limited just between brick and mortar stores, PCs, and mobile devices.  Customers often have questions that require speaking to a real person.  They may want help in-store to find out if a particular item size or color is available.  Alternatively, they may need help with the website or to complete a purchase using their mobile phone.  As Xander Uyleman from Cisco recognizes in, “The Contact Center as a Profit Center”, the role of the contact center is moving from one where agents try to handle calls as quickly as possible to a model where agents are tasked with creating a positive customer experience as well as acquiring information a business can use to improve its operations and achieve greater business results.

To maximize the customer experience, the customer service team needs to be aware of the context in which a customer is asking for help.  Can the agent see where the customer has been on the website or tell which store he or she is calling from?  The more the agent knows, the faster and more accurate the resolution of the issue.

An integrated omni-channel can also allow a business to track problems in real-time across call centers and consequently optimize its operations.  These range from keeping staffing optimized to match call loads, to tracking issues that customers consistently complain about so that they can be addressed and eliminated.  Businesses can also capture analytics on what customers are actually doing, enabling management to more intelligently drive the business.  With the right contact center solution, businesses can even track agent effectiveness and route incoming calls to the best agent, regardless of the agent’s location.

Cloud can be a key part of implementing superior omni-channel integration.  The cloud allows for a pay-as-you-go model, enabling organizations to minimize operational costs without compromising capabilities.  With a hybrid implementation, retailers can pull in resources on-demand to handle peak times, such as Black Thursday.

As a cloud provider, Cameo can customize its mobile integration to deliver solutions that match the specific needs of its customers.  For example, Cameo has helped Talbots, a leading retailer with nearly 500 stores in the US and Canada and global reach through it’s catalogs, to provide seamless access to customer data to outsourcers.  Now when the resources of the internal call center are exceeded, outsourcers can provide the same customer experience as internal agents.

Read about Talbot’s omni-channel success yourself and learn how Cameo’s cloud solutions can bring your customer experience up to the next level.

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