Routing is the process of selecting best paths in a network. In the past, the term routing was also used to mean forwarding network traffic among networks. However this latter function is much better described as simply forwarding. Routing is performed for many kinds of networks, including the telephone network (circuit switching), electronic data networks (such as the Internet), and transportation networks.

There are three kinds of routing: static routing, dynamic routing and convergence routing

Static Routing
In static routing (or non-dynamic routing), small networks may use manually configured routing tables. Larger networks have complex topologies that can change rapidly, making the manual construction of routing tables unfeasible.

Dynamic Routing
Dynamic routing, also called adaptive routing, describes the capability of a system, through which routes are characterized by their destination, to alter the path that the route takes through the system in response to a change in conditions. The adaptation is intended to allow as many routes as possible to remain valid (that is, have destinations that can be reached) in response to the change.

Convergence Routing
Convergence is the state of a set of routers that have the same topological information about the internetwork in which they operate. For a set of routers to have converged, they must have collected all available topology information from each other via the implemented routing protocol, the information they gathered must not contradict any other router's topology information in the set, and it must reflect the real state of the network. In other words: In a converged network all routers "agree" on what the network topology looks like.

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