Become part of our dynamic, worldwide team. Cameo Global is rapidly expanding, and we are looking for talented IT professionals who can bring the next generation of collaboration solutions to our customers. Our diverse staff includes project managers, engineers, and technicians who work with industry leaders to change the landscape of IT. Currently, all Cameo Global hiring is facilitated through STS International, Inc.

Below, you will find information about some of the fields Cameo Global regularly hires for at all levels of experience.

Our network engineering team is comprised of all level of network engineers from Tier 1 support to CCIE’s. They contribute to the design, planning, implementation, and support of LAN/WAN, VoIP and contact center concepts.

Our project management team is comprised of project poordinators, analysts and Senior PMP certified project managers involved in the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures, and protocols to achieve specific goals.

The software development team provides technical expertise in developing solutions and supporting issues from a wide variety of customers, field and internal test teams. IT applications is usually in charge of business analysis, design, coding, testing, and custom software deployment.

Operations ensures that the business is efficient and effective in meeting customer requirements. They are responsible for overseeing, designing, and controlling production, and redesigning business operations. This team generates strategy and implements the execution.

The marketing team provides internal brand alignment to create a unified perception and understanding of the company and its products. Marketing works closely with the sales team to facilitate and support client relationships. Together, marketing and sales generate value for stakeholders to advance the overall mission of Cameo Global.

Human resources is at the center of employee and leadership development, compensation, benefits, talent management, and other HR services. With an eye for potential talent, the recruiting team selects, coaches, and advances employees to ensure success in every business unit. In addition to helping employees achieve career goals, together HR and recruiting facilitate strategic and organizational change using a variety of tools and techniques.

The accounting staff handles all division and departmental functions efficiently and effectively. Processing payroll, checking authorizations, billing, and accounts payable and receivable are only a few of the many general accounting functions overseen every day. The finance team aims to maximize and increase shareholder value.

The administration team plays key roles in the success of the company. They provide the resources and support to management of all levels and are vital for departments to continually achieve high levels of success.

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