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Cameo Global’s success is based on our client's success. Our mission is to deliver enhanced value on all our engagements.

Since 1992, Cameo Global has provided advanced IT solutions to organizations worldwide; ranging from global enterprises and government entities to fast growing businesses and technology startups. Our in-house project management process and managed services resource planner platform enable us to reduce costs, increase productivity, and deliver projects on schedule and on budget. Our global force of IT professionals is ready to provide innovative, flexible, and scalable IT services that can be engaged confidently, easily, and who can seamlessly integrate with your internal teams and processes.

Cameo Global, like our major customers and suppliers, is institutionally constructed as a parent organization with many subsidiaries around the world. By means of our business culture, proprietary processes, and toolsets the entire organization operates as a single, seamless team. Wherever you do business, we are prepared to deliver. Our global team operates in every hemisphere and employs hundreds of highly -certified engineers and technicians. As experts in IT services, Cameo Global delivers customer success based on proven, real-world methodologies to manage projects. Our worldwide resources provide advanced IT solutions and a full range of professional services, managed services, and innovative financial services to help our clients obtain maximum value from their IT investment.

Cameo Global provides the full lifecycle of IT services. We consult on business applications of technology, define customer requirements, and architect the right solutions for our customers. Furthermore, we can also procure hardware, software, manage logistics, implement, configure, and commission your installation.

Cameo Global's sustaining support services help protect your investment and maintain the operating environment at peak efficiency throughout its useful life.

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